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Want to chat to like minded boys and girls from same location? You’ve come to the right place. Our Online Chat Room lets you chat with strangers for free without registration. The Online Chat Room is the best place to make new friends and to have fun.

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Our online chat room is fully moderated and safe where you can chat with complete strangers without giving out any information about yourself. That means you don’t have to register to user our completely free Online chat room.

Why Use Our Chat room?

  • Our online chat rooms are family friendly; we’ve more than six moderators who try their best to kick out spammers and abusers from the chatrooms.
  • It is really very easy to use our chat room; you just have to choose a nick and start chatting.
  • OnlineChat.TV has huge number of emoticons┬áthat you can choose from.
  • We use high speed server to host our online chat room so you can expect no lags.
  • You messages are not stored in the server and private chats cannot be seen even by the Administrators.
  • The users are very friendly.
  • We also have our own radio show.
  • You can ignore the users you don’t like by a simple click.

Besides those, our chat room also works in smartphones running Android or Windows; it is a bit difficult to use in mobile though. However, we’re also going to release an app for both Android and Windows soon.

So, what are you waiting for, start chatting in OnlineChat.TV’s online chat room now.